South Jersey Naturally Grown

We add organic matter to the soil as well as use a thick mulching of composted wood chips around the plants. This organic process where the wood matter is broken down by fungus and microorganisms is what makes life in the soil. The fungal matter that breaks down the wood is also beneficial in attacking the known fungal diseases of heirloom tomatoes.

We employ drip irrigation so that no foliage comes in contact with water also to reduce disease problems.

Tomatoes are also staked further reducing ground based disease to the plants and fruits.

All of these practices can be seen and tasted in the fruits. We use 5-10-10 fertilizer and for that reason we are not able to call our tomatoes “organic” or “certified organic” but we are devoted to sound practices for the best product and the best environment possible because the future depends on it. We go out into the gardens and sample fruits off the vine and no worry whatsoever to any chemicals. NO chemical products are used, no fungicide, herbicide, pesticide and every organic practice possible is in place. Please enjoy the results, as they are worth the extra effort!!!

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